Fort Worth's Experts in
Colon & Rectal Surgery and Colonoscopy
We are Fort Worth's largest group of board-certified colon and rectal
surgeons.  We work as a team to prevent and treat diseases of the
colon, rectum, anus and small intestine.  We provide consultations,
office treatments, surgery, and colonoscopy.

In addition to excellent medical care, our hallmarks are compassion,
understanding, and communication with our patients.  
Our services include:
Minimally-invasive (laparoscopic and robotic) colon and rectal

Surgery for cancer of the colon and rectum, including
sphincter-sparing (colostomy-avoiding) surgery, if possible.

Surgical and non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids.

Treatment of anorectal abscesses, fissures, fistulae, skin
conditions of the perianal region, and rectal prolapse.

Surgical treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's
disease and ulcerative colitis).

Treatment of diverticulitis.

Investigation of rectal bleeding.

Diagnostic and screening colonoscopy.

Collaboration with physicians and surgeons in other
specialties (e.g. oncologists, gastroenterologists, urologists,
gynecologists) for team-based approach to treatment of
colorectal disease, or for diagnosis and  treatment of
problems that may co-exist with colorectal disease.
Our Board-Certified Colon
& Rectal Surgeons:
Eduardo D. Castillo, M.D.
Lori L. Gordon, M.D.
Glen D. Hooker, M.D.
Annie Lin, M.D.

2000 Cooper Street
Suite 100B
Fort Worth, Texas  76104

(817) 924-9002

Last modified:  October 22, 2019
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Meet our new partner...
Annie Lin, M.D.

We are very pleased to introduce Dr. Annie Lin as the newest member of our team of colon
and rectal surgeons.  She has joined our group as of October 1, 2019.

Dr. Lin has moved to Fort Worth following a busy and successful colon and rectal surgery
practice in Corpus Christi for over 5 years.

She has extensive training and experience in all aspects of colon and rectal surgery, including
robotic and minimally-invasive surgery, anorectal surgery, and colonoscopy.

Dr. Lin is accepting new patients and we welcome her to Fort Worth and to our practice!